LED Street Lighting Specialists

Austeknis is one of Australia's premium suppliers of LED lighting. We specialise in only high quality Australian certified LED lighting for Street lighting and commercial applications.

We test and use our products and have a wealth of information of the selection, installation and longevity of our products.

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and is an electronic light source. Most lighting found in Australian streets today is very inefficient, costing lots of money to operate, service and is very eco unfriendly to our atmosphere.

LED lighting is a viable replacement for existing street lighting installations, much cheaper to operate and better for our environment.

Combining LED with Solar and Hi-Store battery technology is the logical way of the future, Austeknis is in the forefront of this eco friendly and cost effective lighting development, no other company in Australia can supply this level of tomorrow’s technology with standard’s compliance at today’s prices.

When you think about changing your street or commercial lighting ... think Austeknis.
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