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Teknis (Australia) was established in 1964 importing and manufacturing electronic components. In this time Teknis developed, supplied and manufactured Railway control systems and Aircraft control systems to the RAAF. In 1968 Teknis formed there long standing relationship with Kaga at which time Teknis placed there first for photo electric controls.

The first photo electric lighting controls to be sold to utilities in Australia by Teknis was in the late 70’s which were sold to SECV and ETSA.

In 1988 Teknis changed its name to Austeknis Pty Ltd.

Over the past 30 years Austeknis has been supply utilities such as Energex, Energy Australia, Powercor among others and luminaire manufactures with photo electric lighting controls.

In 2007 Austeknis approached Kaga to manufacture a LED streetlight. Austeknis and Kaga then went on to design a LED street light to the Australian standards that would be a suitable replacement to the commonly used 80 Mercury Vapor.

In 2012 the Kaga Ledeema 44W was approved to AS1158.6.
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