Kaga Austeknis LED Street Lighting

Kaga LEDEEMA LED Street Light

Input Voltage: 240VAC
Total Power Consumption: 44W, 0.195A
Lumen output: 4060lm
Colour: 5000k – 5500k
CRI: 72
Photo Electric controlled: D2 type, AS2403P3 or PS2403P1
Dimensions: Overall length 530mm x 220mm width x 120mm high

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The KAGA LEDEEMA is an energy efficient LED luminaire designed and manufactured to Australian standards. It is a completely field serviceable LED luminaire with captive screws and plug & play connections. The KAGA LEDEEMA has been tested and certified compliant to AS1158.6:2010 and is a direct replacement for the traditional Mercury Vapor and High Pressure Sodium streetlights.

The LED luminaire has been designed with a stylish low profile housing incorporating the latest in LED lighting technology.

By combining emerging style and technology, we can also integrate solar energy with a chic, low power, low cost and environmentally friendly lighting solution.

When you buy Austeknis products, you buy with the knowledge that we have developed and tested our products extensively and offer a full 100% warranty on our products. We are known for our product knowledge and quality.

When you buy Austeknis products, you buy the best.

Key features

  • Light weight
  • Energy efficient
  • Long lamp life
  • Reduction in maintenance
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions of up to 60%
  • Evironmentally friendlier than traditional solutions
  • Low power usage, ideal to use with solar and other renewable energy sources
  • Reduction in ecological footprint
  • Instant On/Off, no warm-up time required
  • Low heat production and no UV
  • Flicker free
  • No mercury
  • D2 Photo electric control

Structure and materials

  • Die cast Aluminium housing
  • Stylish design incorporating integrated heat-sink, ensuring maximum heat transfer
  • Corrosion resistant powder painted
  • Meets 2G Vibration testing

Electrical and gear compartment

  • Driver is mounted in a separate compartment isolated from the optical chamber with protection of IP65
  • Nominal Voltage – 200-265 VAC
  • System Rated average life is 60,000 hours
  • Ambient temperature from -40 to 50C.
  • Base on high reliability and long life LEDs and the elimination of lamps replacement, reducing maintenance, providing cost savings.
  • Side mount spigot


  • AS1158.6:2010
  • AS60598.1:2003
  • CISPR 15
  • IP65
  • IK07
  • Vibration
  • ISO9227

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