Kaga Austeknis LED Street Lighting

Kaga Leedema - 25W LED Street Light

Input Voltage: 240V AC
Total Power Consumption: 25W, 0.185A
Lumen output: 2044lm
Colour: 4000k
CRI: 72
Weight: 4.5Kg
Dimensions: Overall length 530mm x 220mm width x 120mm high
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Austeknis is an Australian leader in the development and supply of LED energy efficient street lighting. We have been supplying street lighting products to the Australian market for over forty years.

Now, Austeknis in conjunction with Kaga is proud to present the LED Street Light Series, featuring the brilliant new KAGA LEDEEMA – 25W, a stylish and energy efficient replacement for traditional street light fixtures.

The Kaga LEDeema 25W LED luminaire is the latest in LED technology when it comes to energy efficient street lighting in Australia. Developed specifically for the Australian 'P' category lighting specifications, the Kaga LEDeema 25W LED luminaire
will reduce energy consumption by up to 82% when compared to traditional street lighting in Australia.

The LED luminaire has been designed with a stylish low profile housing incorporating the latest in LED lighting technology.

By combining emerging style and technology, we can also integrate solar energy with a chic, low power, low cost and environmentally friendly lighting solution.

When you buy Austeknis products, you buy with the knowledge that we have developed and tested our products extensively and offer a full 100% warranty on our products. We are known for our product knowledge and quality.

When you buy Austeknis products, you buy the best.

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