Kaga Ladeema - Street Lighting

The idea of the Kaga Ledeema™ originated in 2007 when Austeknis approached Kaga to discuss the option of energy efficient street lighting. At that time Kaga was manufacturing compact fluorescent luminaires for the Japanese market. Austeknis decided that compact fluorescent was not the direction they wanted to explore and with that they made a decision to develop a street luminaire with LED technology.

In early 2008 the design of the luminaire body and chambers was finalized. The overall concept of the luminaire was to be a field serviceable luminaire and designed and manufactured to the Australian standards. Towards the end of 2009 the first LED lamp design was implemented and suitable power supply manufactured.

After a number of different lamp designs were trialed and tested a suitable lamp was decided on in early 2010. The lamp design allows the LED luminaire to exceed the photometric performance of traditional street lighting fixtures currently used in Australia. For the remainder of 2010 further in house testing of the luminaire continued and improvements were carried out including the redesigning of the power supply to improve its performance and rated life. In October 2010 the LED luminaire was submitted to an independent organization for preliminary testing in preparation for submitting the LED luminaire for testing to AS1158.6. 

In early 2011 the LED luminaire was named the 'KAGA LEDEEMA™'. In June 2011 the KAGA LEDEEMA was submitted for testing to a NATA approved laboratory for testing to AS/NZS1158.6.

In March 2012 the KAGA LEDEEMA was passed as compliant to AS/NZS1158.6:2010 and AS/NZS60598.1:2003.

With the completion of the major test and all the requirements met, the KAGA LEDEEMA™ is a reliable energy efficient alternative to traditional street lighting technologies.

The KAGA LEDEEMA™ is a 44W LED luminaire which will more than halve the power consumption and CO2 gas emissions and provide greater light output than a traditional 80W Mercury Vapor. Using the latest in LED technology the KAGA LEDEEMA™ provides up to 12 years maintenance free solution.

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