Solar Streetlight / Parklight

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We are constantly gathering and organising information from all over the world and have been contributing to cost effective light in Australia through creating world-class innovative and advanced products, utilising the latest technologies with the motto “The Customer Comes First”.

Here are samples of our recent projects.

Austeknis street lights LED Mawson Park Campbelltown Council

Mawson Park

Campbelltown Council approached Solar G in Sydney, our Kaga distributor to provide a replacement energy solution to re-light Mawson Park.

The charter was to provide a high level of luminance. Pole spacing’s were optimized to provide large levels of lighting overlap on the pathways and playground area using our 44 W energy efficient Ledeema.

Austeknis street light LED Lambert Park Leichhardt Council

Lambert Park

Leichhardt Council approached solar G to provide an energy efficient lighting solution to provide park lighting. Solar G provided our 17-Watt Junior Ledeema mounted on 6.5 metre decorative poles.

Austeknis street lights LED Richmond SA

Richmond SA

Austeknis was approached by the housing trust to provide an energy efficient lighting solution for a new residential installation.

The charter was to light up a driveway and we provided our 17 Watt Junior Ledeema Luminaire mounted on 4 metre high poles as a cost efficient lighting solution.