Austeknis in conjunction with Kaga is proud to launch the new LED Street Light series, which is an excellent solution for traditional street light fixtures.

Since 1946, the Kaga Group has consistently maintained it’s vision and unique technological expertise in the field  lighting photo controls and street lights.

As a pioneer in the production of photo controls, Kaga has been highly appraised by the industry with its reliable products based upon its expert technologies and 50 years experience. Kaga’s product line includes the AS Series (thermal relay type) and the PS and a variety of models to satisfy consumer’s requirements.

KAGA, INC. is an ISO9001, ISO14001 Certified Company.

LED Street Lights, Photo Controls and Solar Lighting

Austeknis in partnership with Kaga now offers a range of LED street lighting that is bright and stylish in design, offers excellent functionality and value for money and has a low maintenance requirement and cost.

By combining emerging style and present technology, we can integrate solar energy with a chic, low power, low cost and environmentally friendly lighting solution.

One of the key features of LED is its ability to reduce power consumption and green house gas emissions by up to 50% when compared to traditional street lighting fixtures.

LED technology will last 100,000 hours before light output will start to diminish, which dramatically reduce maintenance costs.

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